Gas in abundance ...Petrojam has enough fuel if hurricane hits

September 29, 2016
Fuel being pumped into a vehicle.

With Hurricane Matthew fast approaching, Petrojam is reassuring the public that the company has enough supply of the product to last the country for up to 21 days. 

In a release sent to STAR Online today, Petrojam said the country will be adequately supplied should Hurricane Matthew affect the island in coming days. 

Hurricane Matthew is currently in the eastern Caribbean and is expected to hit Jamaica by Monday morning. 

Petrojam says it has already activated its Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for Hurricane and has taken steps to ensure that fuel supply isn't interrupted. 

The company also plans to extend the opening hours for the loading racks in Kingston and Montego Bay to facilitate adequate access to fuel supplies. Marketing companies are also being advised to stock up on the product if it is confirmed that Hurricane Matthew will make landfall.


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