Customers flock Bashco for hurricane supplies

September 30, 2016
Consumers were out in their numbers on Friday making final preparations for Hurricane Matthew.

With Hurricane Matthew on the horizon, it is expected that persons will be out in their numbers buying supplies as they prepare for the storm.

On Friday morning, a cashier at Bashco in downtown Kingston told STAR Online that it was one of the busiest sale days for the company, and she attributes this to impending Category 4 hurricane.

“Trust me, usually a Friday morning looks nothing like this. I know that it’s because of the storm because the store is jampacked and we have to move swiftly to not anger our customers,” she said.

When STAR Online visited the store, customers were busy shopping for toiletries, sheets, baskets and bulbs.

Christina Strolley told STAR Online that this would be the first hurricane that she will face on her own so she is trying to make all the necessary preparations.

“I’m a student of the University of the West Indies and I live on campus. Since yesterday I’ve been buying candles, batteries, canned food, tissue and disinfectants. I don’t have any mother or father near me to run to.

Another shopper, Milton Watkins, said that he has spent a lot of money to prepare for the storm.

“My grandchildren are staying with me until next Thursday so you can imagine how buying snacks cost me an arm and a leg. To be honest, I don’t think no storm a come here, but at least the things mi buy nah go to waste 'cause food haffi eat,” he said.



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