DPP to decide cops fate in murder case

September 30, 2016

The Clerk of Court of the St Catherine Parish Court is to write to the director of public prosecution (DPP) to discuss the next step in having a murder case involving two policemen dropped.

This, as one witness in the matter has died, and the other cannot be located.

The cops, Detective Corporal Oneil Buckle and Constable Kevin Thompson, both from the St Catherine South Police Division, are charged with the death of Ricardo Wood, a resident of Waterford in the parish.

When the matter was mentioned yesterday before Parish Judge Jacqueline Wilcott, it was revealed that the DPP would be contacted as to the way forward.


Second witness is abroad


Clerk of Court Nicole Kellier said that the post-mortem certificate is now showing that one witness is deceased. She said the second witness is abroad, and attempts to get to her have so far proven futile.

The matter is scheduled to be mentioned November 8, 2016.

Allegations are that on August 26, 2009, a police party which included Buckle and Thompson went on an operation in Waterford. During the operation, the court heard that they encountered gunmen who engaged them in a shoot-out.

Wood was hit during the confrontation and a gun reportedly seized from his


An investigation was launched by the Bureau of Special Investigations and a file sent to the office of the DPP. A ruling was made seven years later that the men be charged with murder.

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