Family wants justice for Yvette Gordon

September 30, 2016
Florence Barrett (left) and Steadman Gordon have been shaken up by the tragic loss of Yvette Gordon,42, who was murdered in Kingston on August 15.

Steadman Gordon has been shaken up by the tragic loss of his second child, Yvette Gordon.

Florence Barrett, Steadman's sister, is equally devastated, but she appears to be the stronger of the two.

"We want the world to see what it is going on," Barrett told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"We want Jamaicans to know to speak out. We know that the person cannot come back, but we have to speak out to get some kind of justice," she added.

The close-knit family has been struggling to deal with Yvette's loss. And to make matters worse, they feel that they have been kept in the dark about the investigation into the murder.

Yvette was stabbed to death eleven times, her relatives claim - in Central Kingston. She was on her way to work on August 15 when she was attacked. The murder took place seven days shy of her 43rd birthday.

Hoping that the wheels of justice will slowly begin to turn, Yvette's family members told THE WEEKEND STAR that they intend to take her body to the same spot on Telephone Street where she fell the morning she was attacked.

The family members reasoned that going back to the scene with her body on the day of the funeral could evoke emotions, and that persons who witnessed the ordeal may be moved to share information with the police.

"It is so rough. Every time they talk, I cry," said Gordon.

Yvette died leaving one son, 15, and her aunt said that the family would not rest until they got justice.

"It is a human being, it is a lady. And something like that happened. You are attacked while you are on your way to go and work your honest bread and you can't hear nothing," Barrett said.

Yvette will be laid to rest on October 9.

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