Popular lawyer stressed after murder at his house


October 01, 2016
Patrick Bailey
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Police investigators at the home of Patrick Bailey, 56 Barbican Road, where the body of the caretaker was found with multiple stab wounds and a reported gun shot wound to the head.

Attorney-at-law Patrick Bailey was yesterday ordered by his doctor to stay in bed and rest, and not to provide a statement to police who are investigating a murder at his house.

"Our orders, after consultation, he is not able either to give a statement or to meet anybody at this time because of the delicacy of his condition," Dr Jephthah Ford, Bailey's physician, said.

Ford said that Bailey is exhibiting signs of stress, and that his condition is being monitored. He said that if Bailey's condition worsens he will be hospitalised.

The body of a man identified only as 'Gully', and who was reportedly a caretaker at Bailey's upper St Andrew premises, was found about 4 a.m. with multiple stab wounds, and what appeared to be a bullet hole in its head. The dead man was reportedly in his early 50s.

"What I can confirm is that the police responded to a crime scene at the Barbican premises where a man was said to be stabbed to death," said Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay-Clarke, head of the Corporate Communications Unit of the police force.

Ford said yesterday that Bailey was not able to provide the police with a statement because he is unwell.

He said that Bailey suffered a stroke in November, 2007, and that he suffers from slurred speech and a little bit of incoordination.

The doctor said that by ordering Bailey to stay in bed, he is actually trying to prevent him suffering another stroke.

"We were hoping that everybody will understand and cooperate," he said.

"We fear that if not properly managed, we could end up with a situation that we certainly don't need," Ford said.

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