Watch out for Crocodiles

October 01, 2016
Members of the public are being asked not to provoke crocodiles, which may react dangerously if cornered and attacked.

Jamaicans have been urged to watch out for crocodiles, which the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) said are likely to be displaced by activities associated with the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

Matthew, a dangerous category four hurricane, is on a path that could take it over eastern Jamaica by Monday morning.


NEPA said that members of the public should exercise extreme caution in areas close to swamps, wetlands and gullies, as crocodiles are likely to be displaced from their natural habitats during heavy rains.

Crocodiles are likely to be seen in the following areas:

St Thomas: Albion, Cow Bay and Port Morant

Kingston: Seaview and Riverton

Clarendon: Salt River, Mitchelle Town, Portland Cottage, Rocky Point and Milk River

St Elizabeth: Parottee, Treasure Beach, Calabash Bay and Black River

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