MAPPING MATTHEW: No food, no money, unsafe house worry poor Hellshire family

October 03, 2016
File Stephen Butler believes his beach-front house at Fort Clarence, Hellshire, St Catherine will be destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.
Stephen Butler: "We waah buy some candle and have a little money ina we pocket that's if any emergency."
Kemeisha Butler's parents are worried that they will lose their house in Hurricane Matthew.
Ian Allen Storm surge is now affecting the seaside town of Annotto Bay, St Mary.

Neisha and Stephen Butler, residents of Fort Clarence, Hellshire, St Catherine, are again seeking assistance.

This time it is to buy food and other emergency supplies as they seek to prepare for Hurricane Matthew.

The Butlers, who reside in a shack on the beach with their two children, say they are desperately in need of shelter and food.

When asked by our news team how the kids were coping as the Hurricane approaches, Neisha said, “Dem a fret. Dem just here a look around cause dem nuh understand what is taking place.”

The Butlers came to national attention earlier this year after their eight-year-old daughter, Kemeisha,  died under controversial circumstances.  The young child died at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on March 8. The cause of her death to date has been shrouded in controversy.

When asked by THE STAR why they have not relocated to a shelter, Stephen said, “We nuh have no money, nuh food, nothing. Remember STAR come here and dem see how the ting set. Move go weh? Nobody nuh business bout we.”

“We ago go up inna Seaforth Housing Scheme right side a we go look if nobody can give we place to stay. Right now, a some food we want fi bring with we for the kids dem. We waah buy some candle and have a little money ina we pocket that’s if any emergency,” the father said.

Stephen said that he expects that the family's beach-front house will be destroyed by high tide associated with Hurricane Matthew.

“It's ago mash up. The sea ago tek it,” he said.

Acting Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas said the Butlers should go to a shelter at Pentecostal Church in Hellshire.

"All the residents of Hellshire who need shelter are to go there. The Member of Parliament has gone to the area and advised the residents of what to do. Some of the say they are not moving,” Thomas said.


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