MAPPING MATTHEW: Port Maria Hospital has enough water for patients

October 03, 2016
Ian Allen These residents of Port Arthur Lane in Annotto Bay, St Mary, make their way to a nearby shelter.

Marcia White-Kirkland, CEO of the Port Maria Hospital in St Mary said the hospital is equipped to deal with Hurricane.

"We have enough water and beds to facilitate our patients during the Hurricane. We have secured windows and I have the maintenance team on standby to deal with any emergency," White-Kirkland said.

St Mary, which is a parish located in the northeast section of Jamaica, could be severely impacted by the passage of Hurricane Matthew. 

The parish was battered during Hurricane Sandy in 2011. Some 22 families from Crooked River in the parish were displaced.

Sandy's destructive power was concentrated to a large extent on the eastern sections of the island. The four parishes which received the major portion of the damage were: St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary and St. Catherine.

The cost of Sandy's damage to Jamaica is estimated at US$55.96 Million.

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