Matthew created wave wonder on the Palisadoes

October 03, 2016
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Scores of persons flocked to the Palisadoes strip yesterday to watch as large waves crashed against the shoreline.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer While others were gazing at the large waves, these boys were trying not to get wet by them.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Bret Thwaites (right) took his family from Jacks Hill, St Andrew to the Palisadoes strip yesterday to view the large waves crashing along the shoreline.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Merryck Simmonds (left) and wife Parsha came all the way from Spanish Town, St Catherine, to watch large waves crashing along the shoreline.
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Hurricane Matthew got the waves excited and Jamaicans were bracing for the visit of the Cetegory 4 storm. However, hurricane-force winds will not make it to Jamaica as the system has shifted.

It was a sight to behold yesterday afternoon, along the Palisadoes Strip in Kingston, where scores of Jamaicans had gathered to watch the massive waves crashing along the shore, as outer bands of Hurricane Matthew were nearing the island.
The phenomenon drew people from as far as St Catherine to witness the raging waves.
Parsha and Merryck Simmonds told THE STAR that they drove all the way from Spanish Town, St Catherine, because they were curious.
“I always wanted to see the waves when a hurricane is coming so I just had to come out here. It is exciting to see,” Parsha said.
Her husband added jokingly, “All it needs now is a surfer, but I’m not going out there, you ever see a black man on surf board!”
Bret Thwaites, who hails from the upscale community of Jacks Hill, St Andrew, brought his family to get a closer Matthew view of the waves.
“Look at that wave! Have you ever seen one like that? I saw it on Facebook early this morning, and I decided to come out here. While on our way, we saw traffic and it all came right here,” Thwaites said.
Adding to the thrill of the moment, the waves occasionally drenched unsuspecting bystanders, who underestimated the growing reach of the water. Andrew and his wife, Dellisia Clarke, were among those who got soaked, but they told THE STAR they didn’t mind.
“We came from Spanish Town. It is a matter of curiosity, you know. It’s a Jamaican thing, you know because we love excitement,” Andrew said.
Police officers were also on location. But just to take in the view.
“The waves are unusually high and the storm is not here as yet, so it has fascinated a number of persons, including ourselves,” Inspector Rohan Ritchie said.

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