Holness praises Jamaicans for preparing for Hurricane Matthew

October 04, 2016

Now that the tropical storm warning for Jamaica has been lifted, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is singing praises for disaster preparedness officials and all Jamaicans for their level of preparation and response to the possible impact of Hurricane Matthew.

“I am pleased by the level of commitment, preparation and communication by all those involved. I want to thank everyone for answering the call to duty,” Holness said.

Holness said government ministries, agencies, private sector, churches and other volunteer groups worked tirelessly to prepare the country for an impending disaster. All shelters were activated as the National Meteorological Service and disaster officials provided the nation with constant updates on the movement of Hurricane Matthew.

With the Category 4 hurricane now battering Haiti, and Cuba and the Bahamas now under severe threat, Holness said Jamaica will be ready to assist the neighbouring countries if necessary.  

“We pray for our Caribbean neighbours and hope that they will make a speedy recovery. We stand ready to assist in whatever way we can, especially Haiti which is currently experiencing the brunt of the storm,” he said.


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