Mother charged for selling illegal lottery tickets

October 04, 2016

A woman who claimed she was selling illegal lottery tickets to send her son to college was slapped with a $20,000 fine or 30 days in prison when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

Cherie McLeod pleaded guilty to illegal bookmaking, possession of illegal lottery tickets, and selling illegal lottery tickets.

McLeod initially tried to plead not guilty to the possession of illegal lottery tickets, claiming "a just some old papers wha me did have".

However, Senior Parish Judge Judith Pusey stopped her in her tracks and said, "I am a Jamaican, born and grown, so I know all the games you people play. Don't bother try that with me."

After retracting the not guilty plead, the defendant began to beg for leniency.

"I was just doing it to help out my son to go to college. I try to get help, but I can't get any," she claimed.

While handing down her sentence, Judge Pusey advised McLeod that her actions were illegal, regardless of her intentions to help her child. She ordered McLeod to pay $5,000 for illegal bookmaking, $5,000 for possession of illegal lottery tickets, and $10,000 or 30 days for selling illegal lottery tickets.


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