Commish wants five guns a day

October 05, 2016
Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams.

Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams says he wants an average of five illegal guns taken off the streets daily.

If that target is realised, it could mean the

collection of more than 1,825 guns from the nation's streets annually.

"Over the last few days, there have been several illegal firearms that have been seized. Even yesterday (Monday), while we were dealing with the inclement weather, we had about five illegal firearms seized across the country. That is encouraging. I want to see that as an average for each day," Williams said.

Fifteen illegal firearms have been seized in five days, the police have said. The guns - five pistols, five revolvers and five rifles - were seized during islandwide operations since last Thursday.

St James accounted for five of the weapons found, while the remaining 10 were found in six other parishes.




The police have been using an initiative dubbed the 'Get the Guns' campaign to remove illegal guns from the nation's streets. Since the launch of the campaign a year ago, more than 675 firearms have been seized. Some 351 were seized between the launch of the campaign last September and April this year.

"We wanted to seize upwards of 600 illegal guns for the year, and we have surpassed that. I am still not satisfied, because I think there are far too many guns out there still in the hands of criminals, as evident by the number of murders, shootings and other crimes in which the guns are involved," Williams told THE STAR yesterday.

He said that the police will continue to ramp up efforts to recover more illegal weapons and take into custody those who breach the Firearms Act.

"I am still not satisfied, which is why we have reintensified the Get the Guns campaign. We have a pool of funds that we are putting into it and we are appealing to people to just assist the police to disarm the criminal population," Williams said.

As part of the Get the Guns campaign, persons are given cash rewards in exchange for information leading to the recovery of guns and ammunition.

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