Triple murder attempt fails as husband kills self in Longville Park

October 05, 2016
Cecelia Campbell Livingston photo The house in Longville Park, Clarendon where a man reportedly committed suicide after attempting to kill his wife and her two adult daughters.


Sean Sappleton, a trucker of Longville Park, Clarendon, failed in what seemed like an attempt to kill three people - his wife, and two stepdaughters - but succeeded in taking his own life at his home on Tuesday night.

In what is widely regarded as a murder-suicide attempt, Sappleton is believed to have set the house on fire in the hope that he and his entire family would perish in the inferno.

"He was my everything. Right now, I don't even know what to tell you. Dat deh man mi call pon fi everything," Thelma Sappleton said of her deceased son yesterday.

Police report that at about 11:50 p.m., residents heard explosions and saw smoke coming from the dwelling.

Sappleton had reportedly locked himself, his wife and her two adult daughters inside their two-bedroom house, doused it with a flammable substance, and set the building on fire.

The women were rescued from the house and taken to hospital, while Sappleton's charred body was found in the kitchen area.

"We didn't see this one coming. He was such a jovial person, why would he do this?" one neighbour commented.

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