Hurricane Matthew kills 108 persons in Haiti

October 06, 2016
People stand in a street flooded by a nearby river overflowing from the heavy rains caused by Hurricane Matthew, in Leogane, Haiti, yesterday.

At least 108 persons have died in Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew which passed through the country on Tuesday.

Interior Minister Francois Anick Joseph announced the figure in the capital on Thursday as authorities and aid workers tried to ascertain the extent of the deaths and damage in the country.

Details on the deaths were not immediately available.

Previously, Haitian officials had said that at least 23 persons were killed as a result of the storm while another 27 persons were injured and three others missing. In addition, more than 21 persons are currently in 152 shelters. 

In addition to the deaths in Haiti, four persons were killed in the Dominican Republic, one in Colombia and one in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

So far, there have not been any reports of casualties in Cuba or the Bahamas which were also hit by Matthew. 


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