High level of child abuse and neglect - CDA

October 07, 2016
Audrey Budhi

Audrey Budhi, the director of children and family programmes at the Child Development Agency (CDA), said that there is a high level of abuse and neglect of children in the society.

"Over the years, we have placed emphasis on good parenting because our aim is to equip parents with additional child-rearing skills to cope with their children," Budhi said.

She was speaking recently at a seminar designed to assist 40 parents of children living in state care to prepare them on what to expect when their children are returned to them.

Sophia Brown, CDA's mobile mental health unit psychologist, said that some of the common issues found are learning disorders, enuresis, depression, suicide ideation, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

She said that those symptoms are usually linked to several factors such as abuse, post traumatic stress, developmental delays, fear, anxiety and trauma.

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