Prepare for noise, traffic delays at nights - NWC

October 08, 2016

Two years after the government announced a programme to repair leaking pipes, the National Water Commission (NWC) has launched a programme to identity these leaks.

This programme is expected to contribute to traffic delays and noise disturbances at nights.

According to the NWC, work crews will be seeking to identify and repair all previously reported leaks on the system, carry out water pressure testing, replace valves, and conduct active searches for invisible leaks.

"Much of the work to identify underground leaks will be done during late night hours when the environment is much quieter allowing for persons using sonar equipment to better detect these leaks," the NWC said.

The programme will begin in Mona, St Andrew.

This means that activities will take place in the communities of Mona, Cherry Gardens, Barbican, Hope Pastures, Jacks Hill, Beverly Hills, Long Mountain, Liguanea, Barbican, Russell Heights, and Graham Heights.

"The public may experience disruptions in traffic flow due to excavation works to be carried out, changes in their water pressure (increase or decrease), and some amount of noise emanating from the works. In all instances where there are road excavations, the NWC is committed to have these reinstated within five working days," the company said.

With Jamaica experiencing a drought in 2014, then Water Minister Robert Pickersgill said that the NWC had established a team to rapidly fix the leaks.

At press time last night, THE STAR was unable to ascertain to what extent the rapid response leak team achieved its objectives.

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