Man beats teenage girl on sidewalk - CDA, police to probe video with 14-year-old girl

October 11, 2016

The police have launched a probe into a disturbing video that shows a man beating a young girl, who is alleged to be his 14-year-old girlfriend, whom he lives with in a West Kingston community.

The amateur footage shows the female seemingly cowering in fear along the sidewalk while the male, who is referred to as Tevin, feeds her with several slaps, punches and kicks all over her body. The amateur videographer is heard pleading with the aggressor, saying, "Tevin, ease up nuh dawg, ease up, man."

However, the pleas were to no avail, as the man, who was sporting flip-flops and a merino, continues his assault by slapping the girl across her face while lamenting," You know how long me a chat to dah likkle gyal yah and a tell har fi move from side a me?" He then addresses the girl directly, saying, "You feel a laugh me a laugh wid you?" That was followed by another mighty slap to her head.

Since the video was uploaded, it has been making the rounds on social media, racking up some 74,000 views and nearly 400 comments. Some have identified the individuals in the footage. "Is a little girl from Denham Town, her father died. She is 14 years old. That is her man a beat her. This a wickedness," one person posted.




Up to press time last night, to the Denham Town police said they had not received a report of the incident. However, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) is now in receipt of the video, and said they will be making the necessary checks.

"If it is found that this incident really occurred locally, then it's something we will investigate. There was another incident where a female was videoed being raped and it was the video that caused the investigation and the guys were arrested," an officer from CCU said.

Meanwhile, communications manager at the Child Development Agency, Rochelle Dixon, said she will be liaising with an officer from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse on the matter. She said if the incident is confirmed, the agency would be responsible for relocating the child to a safe location and proving counselling.

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