Wanted man accused of killing son in March Pen massacre

October 12, 2016
Jennifer McDonald, (centre), whose daughter and grandchild were killed in the attack, is comforted by residents following the murders.

Marvin Campbell, who is wanted in relation to the March Pen massacre which unfolded Sunday in an area of St Catherine called Africa, is being accused of killing his son and four relatives.

Marvin Campbell Jr, 14, was among the five persons who were shot and burnt to death.

The other victims are two-year-old Koyandra Wynter, nine-year-old Revaughn Evans, 22-year-old Venisha Bartley and 24-year-old Salesha Evans.

Two others, who were injured during the onslaught, are still hospitalised.

Information reaching THE STAR is that investigators are following strong leads that suggest Marvin Campbell, otherwise called 'Fat Man' of the March Pen Area, is the one responsible for the gruesome act.

Campbell was placed on the police's wanted list following an allegation of sexual assault committed against a close female relative who is a minor.

Our news team gathered that the female 'relative' is supposedly Campbell's daughter. However, when asked about the relation, the police would only confirm that she is a close female relative.

THE STAR understands that following the allegations of sexual assault, Campbell left the area and has managed to elude the police each time an attempt was made to apprehend him.

It is said that he recently returned to the community as a strong enforcer of the Tesha Miller faction of the Clansman Gang.

Reports are that Campbell also issued several death threats to the victim and the victim's family to dissuade them from pursuing the matter against him.

The victims of Sunday's gruesome act are all relatives of the sexual assault victim.

The St Catherine North police have instructed Campbell to turn himself over to the nearest police station immediately.

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