St James man freed of unlawful possession of property charge


October 13, 2016


A St James man who was arrested in 2013 after he was reportedly found in possession of Bank of America banking cards that were not his, was freed after his case was dismissed in the St James Circuit Court on Monday.

Thomas Young was facing a charge of unlawful possession of property.

It was alleged that on September 23, 2013, the police saw Young conducting a transaction at an automated banking machine on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay, St James.

The cops said that Young ran when he was approached. He was chased and held by the officers.

Young was found with two Bank of America Visa cards, a Western Union card and US$4,000, which he could not properly account for. He was subsequently charged.

When Young's case was mentioned in the Circuit Court, it was revealed that the banking cards belonged to his relatives who had given him permission to use them.

As a result, the case against Young was dismissed.

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