St Catherine municipal police to be armed with pepper spray

October 15, 2016
Pepper spray

The regular assault on municipal police of the St Catherine Parish Council has resulted in a resolution that the officers be armed with pepper spray.

The resolution was passed at the council's monthly general meeting on Thursday.

According to the chairman of the St Catherine Parish Council, Norman Scott, there have been several attacks on the municipal police, who tackle vending and parking breaches. He also noted that the attacks have gotten more frequent in recent times.

"We realise that whenever the team go out to serve documents or enforce any municipal act, the members are assaulted. We, therefore, think it is prudent to assist them." Scott said.

He said that the Ministry of National Security is being contacted to secure permission to arm the members.

Scott pointed out that the spray would be given to member who have been sworn in as special district constables.

It was revealed at the meeting that since the amalgamation of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the municipal police have being working without assistance and are being targeted.

"While some have batons, they are constantly being attacked by vendors and others who want to do as they please. This must stop," a councillor added.

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