Passengers wary of Portmore taxis

October 19, 2016

Taxi drivers at the Naggo Head taxi stand in St Catherine say that passengers have been travelling timidly because of a WhatsApp message that has been making the rounds.

In the message, a woman warns passenger to be wary of taxi kidnapping passengers, robbing them and raping them in the vicinity.

A taxi driver, who runs the Naggo Head to Hellshire route, said that passengers have been wary to use taxi service at the mentioned stand.

"I hear a lot of my passengers in the car saying dat dem fraid to tek the taxi dem. Even though a nuh this route," the driver said.

The message said that passengers should beware of a particular car at the taxi stand. It said that the taxi mainly take victims to Dunbeholden, where the driver carries out his act.

An officer at the Greater Portmore Police Station told THE STAR that there are no official reports about the incidents that were detailed in the social media messages.

"I have seen the message on WhatsApp and Facebook, but we haven't got an official report that anyone has been kidnapped," the lawman attached to the station's CIB unit said.

"I don't know if someone is just creating things, but there no official reports," the cop said.

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