Principal regrets KC teacher's death

October 19, 2016
Dave Myrie

Principal of Kingston College, Dave Myrie, said the sudden passing of one of his teachers is unfathomable as he meant so much to the school.

Sixth Form Coordinator, Christopher Gayle, collapsed in a bathroom on the school's North Street campus yesterday. He was rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"He was a big asset to the school. It is something that we just can't even fathom," Myrie said. "He was somebody that was very involved in the life of Kingston College. It has impacted both students and teachers in a very big way because this is a guy who was very jovial."

Myrie told The STAR that he has reached out to the Ministry of education to arrange grieving sessions. "We have pulled the school community together. We have informed our guidance counsellors and have also spoken to the Ministry of Education about grief counselling," Myrie said. "I know his father very well and we have spoken to his wife and hope she is keeping up well."

Former KC teacher, Tamicka Bonnick, said that Gayle left no stones unturned when he was doing his job. "He was one of those teachers who went out of his way to ensure that the boys are ready in every possible way for examinations. He left no stones unturned," Bonnick said.

Gayle taught Management of Business, Economics and Accounts at the sixth form level.

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