Sex party worry officials - Persons urged to avoid freaky event

October 21, 2016


The National Family Planning Board (NFPB) is warning persons against attending a sex party slated to occur at a popular hotel in St Andrew next month with attractions such as orgies and oral sex contests, as it can lead to various undesirable outcomes.

"First and foremost, there is the risk of contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or some other sexually transmitted disease. There is also the issue of sexual assault, abuse, and rape. Events like those might appeal to guys who are rapists," communications officer at the NFPB, Leo O'Reggio, warned.

The event, which is dubbed 'Jamaica's biggest hottest freaky party' on the poster being circulated, is in its 10th edition and is slated to take place on November 26, from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. During this time, patrons can engage in various raunchy activities including oral sex contests, best girl on girl action contest and nude body bars.


safe sex


These occurrences are unsettling to O'Reggio, who believes participants will be exposing themselves to grave danger. "From a purely safe sex point of view, I just can't imagine people attending something so high risk. It's a party, so there's no telling what type of behaviour people will be exposing themselves to in such instances," he said.

O'Reggio added: "My advice would be not to attend because going to events like those, more than likely, liquor will be involved, so even if you leave and go with a sober mind, you don't know what will happen."


those risks


For persons who insist on attending the risque event, O'Reggio advised that they should wear condoms while engaging in all sexual acts, however, he noted that might not be enough to protect patrons.

"Just educate yourself more about the risks associated with such events because people who are willing to take those risks don't really understand the kind of danger that comes with that kind of behaviour. Come and visit us at the National Family Planning Board for counselling," O'Reggio advised.

Renowned minister of religion, Reverend Herro Blair Jr, is also discouraging persons from attending the party, as he believes such acts are destroying the moral fabric of society.

"It is sad that in a place like this we continue to exploit what we call freedom. As a church, we can't sit back and accept this because what is happening is the degradation of Jamaica's society," he said, adding, "It can't be that we have freedom to do any and everything. That is too much."

Blair also pleaded with the organisers of such sex parties to ensure that children are not in attendance, and implored on the police to look into the legality of such events.

The police have been informed of the event and promised to investigate whether action can be taken against the organisers.

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