X6 murder trial: Main witness didn't see the shooter

October 21, 2016
Patrick Powell

The main prosecution witness in the X6 murder trial yesterday said he did not see who fired shots into his car, hitting Khajeel Mais because the visibility was poor.

"It was like it was snowing," he said on yesterday's third day of the trial. "It look like smoke coming down ... . I could not see anything at all."

Businessman Patrick Powell is on trial for murder and shooting with intent in connection with Mais' death on July 1, 2011 in Havendale, St Andrew.

Wayne Wright, the driver of the taxi in which Mais was travelling, testified in the Home Circuit Court that after the first shot was fired into his Toyota Succeed motor car, "Me duck me head under me steering, and drive go straight a Constant Spring Police Station with the guy [Mais]."

"Me hear 'bow' [sound of gunshot] and the yute fly over pan me," Wright recalled, as lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor led him through his evidence, which got testy at times.

"When you heard the gunshots, did you see anyone?" Taylor asked.




The taxi operator said he did not see Mais with anything as he entered the vehicle and asked to be taken to Chevy Chase Place, also in Havendale. He said that his car collided with a vehicle that suddenly appeared in front of him.

"I hit a vehicle. I don't know if it was parked or if it was driving," he said.

"I hit a black vehicle. It must be a big black vehicle, a SUV or a X5 or something. This was on Highland Drive, Sir," he said, in response to a question from Taylor.

Wright testified that he started reversing his taxi and got about 20 feet from the spot of the collision, but never got a chance to park his motor car.

"I was about to put it [vehicle] into 'P' [park] and then the gunshots start firing," he testified.

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