Find jobs for ex-cons

October 25, 2016
File Carla Maria Gullotta, executive director of Stand Up For Jamaica.

The Government is being urged to provide incentives to businesses to employ ex-convicts.

Carla Maria Gullotta, executive director of Stand Up For Jamaica, a human-rights groups that carries out rehabilitation work with inmates in the island's correctional facilities, said that inmates face an uphill task to become employed when they are released from prison.

"If they struggled to join the labour market before incarceration, any hope that they can become employed is utterly obliterated when they are released because of the stigma and discrimination attached to imprisonment," Gullotta.

She argued that the Government could provide some sort of incentive, either through a tax credit or tax deduction to employers so that they would be encouraged to employ ex-convicts.

"If inmates have taken the initiative to turn their life around then the least we can do as a society is accommodate their reintegration through gainful employment," she said.

More than 30 per cent of the prison population are reoffenders.

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