TAKE HIS GUN LICENCE AWAY ...Cops wants firearm authority to take away X6 man's weapon permit

October 25, 2016
Patrick Powell


The Police High Command last night revealed that it asked the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) to revoke Patrick Powell's firearm licence.

Patrick Powell was acquitted of murder and shooting with intent charges in the Home Circuit Court yesterday after the case against him crumbled.

Powell, a businessman, had refused to turn over his gun to the police to be tested.

It is unclear whether the FLA granted the police request to strip Powell of his gun. What is clear, however, is that Powell still has a case of failing to hand over firearm for inspection before the St Andrew Parish Court.

Meanwhile, the Police High Command yesterday revealed that it worked overtime trying to find out whether the bullet which ended up in 17-year-old Kingston College student Khajeel Mais's body came from Powell's gun.


hide the weapon


The Police High Command said that cops executed search warrant on July 10, 2011 at Powell's house in Havendale. However, Powell was not at home and the firearm was not found.

In addition to searching the house of a deputy superintendent of police who it was alleged assisted Powell to hide the weapon, the High Command said it also served a notice on Powell to hand over his firearm. He indicated that on the instructions of his lawyer, he would not hand it over.

"This hindered investigators from securing critical forensic evidence and conducting the necessary analysis and comparison of material found at the crime scene and bullet fragments retrieved from the body of the Khajeel," the police said.

The High Command added that the database at the Firearm Licensing Authority was checked, but the ballistic signature of Powell's firearm had not yet been captured.


new system


"At the time of the incident, the FLA was just implementing the new system and had only reached surnames that began with 'C'. As such, Powell's firearm information was not yet in their database. Letters were subsequently written to the chairman of FLA requesting that Powell's firearm licence be revoked.

Mais was shot and killed on July 1 after a taxi he was travelling was shot up. The lawmen alleged that the shooting was done by Powell after the taxi bumped into his BMW X6. However, in court, the driver of the taxi said he did not see who fired into his vehicle. His evidence contradicted a statement he had provided to the police.

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