MP wants help for St Mary

October 26, 2016
A resident of Port Arthur Lane in Annotto Bay, St Mary, dismantled her house along the seaside board by board when Hurricane Matthew threatened the island earlier this month.


Embarrassed by the fact that residents of Chesterfield in his south east St Mary constituency are without a bridge to access their community, Member of Parliament Dr Winston Green has called on the Government to put in place a temporary solution.

"This is a situation where the over 200 residents of this community have to cross the Wag Water River, including women and children who have to remove their shoes and hoist their lower clothing to do so," Green said in Parliament yesterday.

"This is not only demeaning to an entire community but also very dangerous knowing the power of water, especially that particular river when it rains. At least a swing bridge is needed there until a more suitable alternative is found in the future," Green said.

The MP said more needs to be done for the people of his constituency, as far as infrastructure is concerned. He pointed, for example, to the town of Annotto Bay, which he said needs to be protected.

Green suggested that boulders be put in the area to prevent storm surges threatening lives and properties.

"We cannot leave the town of Annotto Bay to the ravages of the elements," he said.

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