No gays allowed at freaky party

October 27, 2016

Micheal Brown, the promoter of a 'freaky sex party' which recently came under scrutiny by sexual health and religious authorities, has come out in defence of the event.

Brown said it is safe and has strict rules which all participants abide by. Among the most pertinent rules, he said is that no gay men are allowed.

Last Friday, THE STAR published a story in which Leo O'Reggio, the communications officer at The National Family Planning Board (NFPB), warned persons against attending the risque event slated to occur at a popular hotel in St Andrew next month because of the various health implications it could cause, and the possibility of being subjected to sexual abuse.

But the NFPB, in a statement yesterday, said it neither condones nor condemns the sexual decisions of mature consenting adults.

"We encourage all sexually active persons to protect themselves at all times as they practice responsible sexual decision making," the NFPB said.

Meanwhile, Brown has said there are 10 strict rules in place to prevent any such occurrences, and one of them is refusing to allow homosexual men into the venue.

"We have all kinds of patrons that attend the party. We don't discriminate. One thing, we have a big number one rule, no gay men are allowed, because it is a straight party," Brown said.

"You can never know who is who, but if you see a little man coming into the event wah look like a sissy, a flash off him hand, we nah let him inna we party."

On the other hand, lesbians are welcome, the promoter said. "You know how we Jamaicans are. We don't really put any emphasis on a person that is a bi-female or a lesbian, but gay men, we don't put that into our thing," he said.

Brown said that over the several years that the party has been in existence, there has never been a mishap because of the strict rules and security measures taken. He said no underage individual is allowed to enter the venue. He also said no one is allowed to touch anyone without consent. He said that everyone who engages in sexual activities must wear condoms, and no phones or recording devised are allowed in the event.

Masks are also provided at the gate.

According to Brown, these rules are enforced by several bouncers who work inside the party and police officers who secure the venue.

The promoter of the event dubbed, 'Jamaica's biggest, hottest freaky party', said he was appalled that the NFPB would speak against the party, as the board has offered its services at the event for the past fours stagings by setting up a booth at the event to educate patrons and issue condoms.

Brown said that the board offers free human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and syphilis testing to all patrons prior to the event.

O'Reggio yesterday admitted that the NFPB's HIV outreach unit targets certain high-risk events and locations such as go-go clubs and 'Back Road' to educate at-risk people, so the board might have had representatives at the freaky party, but he is not aware of it.

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