Three Costa Rican men sentenced for ganja possession

October 27, 2016
@Normal:A farmer shows off the distinctive leaves of a marijuana plant.

Three Costa Ricans were sentenced for breaches of the Dangerous Drug Act in the Manchester Parish Court yesterday. 

They are Bornel Isaac, Santos Bacillicio and Yaadany Alexander of Costa Rica addresses.

Reports from the Narcotics police are that on August 29, the three men were travelling in a boat that was intercepted by the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard at the Alligator Reef in Manchester. The vessel contained 1,900 pounds of compressed ganja.

The men were then charged with possession of ganja, taking steps preparatory to the export of ganja, dealing in ganja and illegal entry to Jamaica. 

The men were sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty. They were each sentenced to $15,000 or six months hard labour and a mandatory two years imprisonment for the possession of ganja charge; $3 million or three months imprisonment and a mandatory two years imprisonment for taking steps preparatory to export ganja; and six months at hard labour for illegal entry. The dealing in ganja charge was admonished and discharged. 

The sentences will run concurrently if the fines are paid, but consecutively if the fines are not paid.

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