Classes at Portland school suspended due to landslide, flooding

October 28, 2016
Colonel of the Moore Town maroons, Wallace Sterling, stands infront of a massive landslide that forced the closure of Moore Town Primary and Junior High School for the third straight day.

Moore Town, Portland:

Classes were suspended for a third straight day at Moore Town Primary and Junior High School in Portland due to flooding and a massive roadblock.

The school was forced to close its doors on Wednesday following six days of torrential rainfall, which not only left several roadways in the Rio Grande valley inundated, but also impassable to vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

Principal Catherine Wright said that the school has been badly affected by the lack potable water. She said a poultry house was lost and 50 fully grown chickens were killed during a massive landslide at the rear of the school. A garden was also lost in the process. 

Wright added that she will be having dialogue with Colonel Wallace Sterling of the Moore Town maroons to see if they can acquire a piece of land near the school to replant the garden. 

When contacted, Sterling hinted that he would be willing to provide the school with a new planting space, as produce from the garden assists with the feeding of students. 


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