Have a drink with Audley Shaw

October 28, 2016
Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) chats with Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance.

Wouldn't it be cool to have an ice-cold beer with Audley Shaw? Or perhaps wine. Well, whatever the beverage, there is a good chance you can do so, for a cost.

There is currently a Jamaica Labour Party-led online campaign which is aimed at giving persons a chance to do just that.

But there is a catch. To have a chance of having a drink with Shaw, you must have a credit card and make a commitment to donate to the party.

And Shaw is not the only man on the market. Similar offers are there for JLP Leader Andrew Holness, who is the country's prime minister, and his wife, Juliet.

By just entering the online competition, persons can win a dinner date with Andrew Holness or a chance to tour Jamaica with Juliet Holness.

"We are using it to give people that opportunity to engage with us. It is not just about meeting them as well, it is about getting connections with people so we can reach out to people, so you can discuss policies," JLP's communication specialist, Robert Morgan, said.

Adamant that this is not a stunt to woo voters for the upcoming local government elections, Morgan said the promotion is aimed at increasing engagement with persons and to expand the support base.

"It is not something for any election or anything, it is a long-term initiative about building engagement and building our contact with persons on a personal level," Morgan said.

The JLP has not outlined any criteria for winning a date with its leaders, but Morgan said that the rules are simple.

"We are not differentiating between people of political colours. Everybody has a fair chance of winning. Once you have entered, regardless of your background, regardless of whether you live in Jamaica or you live in the diaspora, the only requirement is that you must have the interest of Jamaica at heart," Morgan said.

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