Gold prospects in St Catherine hills


October 29, 2016

Convinced that there is plenty of gold in the St Catherine hills, an exploration company yesterday said it would expand its mining operations in Jamaica

Carube Copper Corp, a Canada company, is currently mining for gold in Bellas Gate , St Catherine, has made business decisions that will see it having mineral licences to 535 square kilometres in Jamaica.

recent developments

Jeff Ackert, president and CEO of Carube Copper, said his company was extremely encouraged by recent developments that have given them more flexibility in their Jamaican mineral properties.

The company last year reported that it has found "significant copper and gold mineralization" in the hills.

Mike Henry, the mining minister, told THE STAR yesterday that he did not, at the time, have any details on the whether more gold has been found.

"They feel that there is still a future for prospecting," Henry said.

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