Lotto winner refuses to hand out money - Says relatives need business plan to get a share

November 01, 2016
Supreme Ventures Vice President, Marketing, Jason Hall (left), is all smiles as he hands over the Lotto winnings to C. Duncan.

A man, who recently hit the Lotto jackpot for $75 million has vowed not to make the same mistakes made by a 2004 winner, who is now broke, as he intends to get a business plan from relatives before handing out money.

C. Duncan collected his cheque from the Supreme Ventures headquarters yesterday with his wife, after the nine digits that he had been buying constantly for the last 20 years showed up on the lottery machine.

Duncan said that if any of his siblings want a cut of his riches, they would have to present a sound business plan.

"I am not in the hand out money thing because if I just hand out they might come back," Duncan explained. "I want to make sure that they are earning from it as well."

Earlier this year, THE STAR ran a story titled 'Riches to Rags' where a man from St Thomas, Michael McLean, told the tale of how he squandered $45 million, and is now struggling to find food on a daily basis.

McLean said that he handed out $1 million to each of his siblings, and his mother who gave him the lucky numbers after they were revealed to her in a dream.

But Duncan is adamant that he will not repeat McLean's mistakes.

"When I was buying the winning ticket, my plan was to invest [in my business], and make sure my kids get a good education," Duncan said, noting that he plans to cancel the student loan he took for his daughter's school fee.

The refrigeration technician said that he intends to buy another van, expand his services, and employ two more persons.

"I am not supposed to go broke again. I am not going to just sit down and spend. I am supposed to be carrying in money. I am going to register my company and make sure it is legitimate," Duncan said.

According to Duncan, the last two years of his life were difficult, but now he is happy that he will have the resources to do more for his two daughters.

"I love my two girls. I have gone to my bed hungry for them, and I am glad I can ensure that they get a good education," he said.

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