Pastor wants to remove demons from gunmen

November 02, 2016
Bishop Rohan Edwards

Bishop Rohan Edwards, a prominent minister of religion in Spanish Town, St Catherine, said he believes demons are wreaking havoc in his community by using the gunmen to commit crimes.

"Whatever is happening right now is a demonic situation. We know the work of demons and what they do is control people. I don't blame any of these gun men. I love these guys. The demons are working through them, and that's why we have to deal with them with love," Edwards told THE STAR.

Edwards proclamation comes against the backdrop of an ongoing war in the old capital, as warring factions in the Clansman gang battle for power. A series of voice notes also surfaced last week promising that the Spanish Town will have a bloody Christmas at the hands of the warring gangsters.

Upon hearing the voice notes, Edwards said he began to pray for all the gangsters because he sees them as brilliant men with great leadership abilities, but he believes they are being plagued by demons.

"I buried Bun Man who was the leader of the One Order Gang, and I buried Bulbie, who led Clansman. These are very bright brains, and when you see the end of them, it isn't pretty at all," Edwards said. "I pray for them [gangsters] daily that they can come with me to help preach the gospel."




According to Edwards, his prayers have not fallen on deaf ears, as his church is populated by many gunmen who he has converted over the years.

"If we weren't praying, it would have been worse. I'm serious, Spanish Town would have been finished long ago. It is because the church sought the Lord In prayer why we are not worse off," Edwards said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick Knight, Commanding Officer for the police Area Five Division, said the voice notes in circulation are part of an elaborate hoax, and has promised that they are doing everything to ensure residents' safety.

"We are applying the anti-gang legislation, and putting some persons in custody. The gentleman by the name of Bob, who was mentioned in one of the voice notes, he was arrested on Friday and charged with two pounds of ganja and he's in custody."

Knight added that several individuals have been identified as persons of interest, including a man known as 'Bobo Sparks'.

"We believe he is one of the main shooters in town. We are appealing to them as well, find a lawyer, find a minister of religion and turn yourself in," Knight urged.

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