Case postponed for man accused of killing girlfriend

November 04, 2016

A man accused of killing a woman by stabbing her 18 times had his matter postponed when he appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court on Wednesday.

When the matter was mentioned, it was revealed that documents from the Passport Immigration and Citizen Agency (PICA) were absent.

As a result, the matter was put off until December 15.

Wayne Greene is charged with the death of Alafia Carney, 38-year-old labourer of Sydenham Villas in St Catherine.

The investigating officer, Detective Constable Paul Garnet, told the court that the two witnesses in the matter are living overseas and attempts to secure their attendance have proven futile.

Allegations are that in 2013, Greene visited Carney's home where he allegedly attacked and stabbed her repeatedly after a disagreement.

He reportedly received a wound in the incident which the police said was self-inflicted.

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