Slow business at Spaldings Market

November 04, 2016

Chairman of the Clarendon Parish Council, Scean Barnswell, has said no to a suggestion from vendors in the Spalding market for taxi operators to be able to use a section of the property.

Michael Wallace, a cook shop operator in the market, reasoned that business in the market could get a boost if persons were allowed to use the market ground as a transport centre.

"Business is really slow. I don't know if it's going to get better. People who rent shops, most times they lock them up and leave because business is really slow," Wallace told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Wallace, who pays a fee of $5,000 monthly for his space in the market, said that it would be a good thing if the parish council allowed the taxi drivers to use the area.

"It would be better for our businesses because many more persons would shop here same place where they take taxi, so we could make more money," Wallace said.




However, Barnswell told THE WEEKEND STAR that such a move would cause congestion in the town, especially on weekends when more persons are using the market.

"It would be a total nightmare for vendors, public-transport operators and shoppers alike, so that suggestion was shelved," Barnswell said.

The Clarendon Parish Council is, among other things, responsible for the management of the market. It roles include the development, managing and maintenance of infrastructure and public facilities such as parochial roads, water supplies, drains and gullies, parks, recreational centers, markets, abattoirs, pounds, cemeteries, transportation centres and public sanitary conveniences.

Spalding Market was at the centre of much controversy in 2012 after 10 wooden shops illegally built by a private contractor were being rented to vendors.

The illegally constructed wooden shops were not a part of the design for the Spalding Market, and no approval had been granted by the Clarendon Parish Council for their construction or placement in the parking lot of the Spalding Market. No provision for rental collection existed.

Although Barnswell said in 2014 that the shops would de demolished, eight of them still sit on the property. The other two have since been removed and are being replaced with retrofitted shipping containers. Four of the remaining eight were closed for business when THE WEEKEND STAR visited the market recently. Traders said that the lack of business was the reason for them not being open.

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