Man robs house, leaves in owner's suit

November 05, 2016

A man accused of breaking into a house and dressing in the stolen clothes, shoes, and jewellery valued at approximately $50,000 was remanded for psychiatric evaluation when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Marlon Ferguson, who claims he is a mason who lives in Stony Hill, St Andrew, was charged with housebreaking and larceny. He told the court he was guilty with explanation.

However, Judge Andrea Collins ordered a psychiatric evaluation before accepting his guilty plea.

"I'm in Red Hills working, and I get a cheque, and I see some youth come after me, so I run in the yard and them hold me and beat me, say me a rob them," Ferguson told the court.

However, prosecutors allege that he was seen by residents going into the complainant's house then coming back out donned in the homeowner's jacket suit, brief case, and a chain. Residents then took action and held him for the police.

The accused man is to return on November 25, when it is expected that the court will hear the results of his psychiatric evaluation to determine how to proceed in the matter.

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