Gay robber fears death in lock-up

November 12, 2016

A homosexual man pleaded guilty to three offences in the St Andrew Parish Court because he is tired of being physically abused in jail.

Samuel Martin pleaded guilty to larceny from a person, malicious destruction of property, and robbery with aggravation.

Martin said he pleaded guilty for the offences, not because he has committed the acts, but because he has sustained significant abuse at the Half-Way Tree Police Station lock-up.

"They don't like we because we are homosexuals, Your Honour," Martin said.

"Last night, a get three tump inna mi forehead," he told the judge.

The presiding judge told Martin that his reasons for pleading guilty were wrong.

"The only reason for you to plead guilty is if you do what you are accused of," the judge said.


Martin responded: "Your Honour, mi cyah tek di beating anymore. Mi just waan leave Half-Way Tree. Dem beat mi up dis morning."

As the court clerk read the charges, Martin shouted "Guilty".

He was charged for stealing a Samsung S7 Galaxy smartphone, damaging a van, and robbing a man of $10,000.

Martin said: "I'm a former hairdresser on Princess Street, downton. Dem a set mi up fi dead."

The judge remanded him until the December 2, 2018, when he will be sentenced.

"Yuh Honour, dem a go kill mi," Martin exclaimed, before being taken to lock-up.

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