Murder shocks quiet community ... Security guard killed during bank robbery

November 15, 2016
Floyd Green

Residents in and around the quiet community of Newell in St Elizabeth, are still in shock following the brazen daylight murder of a security guard in the community yesterday.

Dead is Ladrick Dennis of Holland in the parish. He was shot and killed while on duty at the Newell PC Bank. Reports from the St Elizabeth police are that four armed men entered the establishment shortly after 2 p.m.

The police report that a tussle ensued between Dennis and the armed men, resulting in Dennis being shot several times. The culprits then reportedly forced open a door at the bank and stole over $100,000. They also stole the guard's gun before escaping, the police said. Many could not contain their grief as news of Dennis' death spread.

Julian Blake commented on Facebook saying, " So sad. Rest in peace Ladrick. God knows best. Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring. Here today, gone tomorrow. Condolences to Sonia and the rest of family. God will wipe away the tears from your eyes. Sonia, my friend, be strong in the Lord." Charmaine Foster added, "Am still in shock that my friend died. Rest in peace Dennis. You are deeply missed." Upon learning of the murder, Floyd Green, Member of Parliament for South West St Elizabeth, extended condolences to the friends of the family of the deceased, whom he said he knew personally.




"He was a very pleasant and hard-working guy. It's a big blow for the entire St Elizabeth. He's somebody who got along with everyone in the community," said Green. He called on the police to act fast.

"The police will have to do a little bit more in St Elizabeth to really counteract what we are seeing as an upsurge in these criminal offences. It appears that outsiders are trying to dig their roots down and trying to bring a level of crime into St Elizabeth that we are not used to," Green said. He also urged community members to " stay strong, be brave, and ensure that they take the necessary precautions".

Up to late last night, the police had still not apprehended the culprits, however, they managed to locate the car thought to be the getaway vehicle. It was found abandoned in Malvern, St Elizabeth, with the licence plates removed. It is believed to be a stolen vehicle.

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