Former cop takes aim at Portia

November 17, 2016
Portia Simpson Miller

A former member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said Jamaicans should revolt if harm comes to any resident in St Ann as a result of statements made by Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller.

Simpson Miller last week made statements, which have been inflammatory in some quarters, while speaking at a political meeting in Claremont, St Ann.

The People's National Party (PNP) president, who is the Member of Parliament for the garrison constituency of South West St Andrew, warned detractors that "I will come back here for another meeting and I know who I will bring".

In a video post, which has been making waves on social media, the former cop noted that Jamaica has had a long history of crime being influenced by politicians. He suggested that Simpson Miller was reckless and that persons may be influenced to act on her behalf.

"I hope the country have an uprising if anything happens to anybody in St Ann," the former cop said.

Simpson Miller had journeyed to Claremont, St Ann, to settle arguments that have been brewing in Lisa Hanna's constituency, but she was met with resistance.

"I want people know enuh, a now me a behave enuh. Because people neva trouble me and get away with it," a combative Simpson Miller said.

"I don't allow anyone to disrespect me anywhere."

Problems have been brewing in South East St Ann for nearly two years. Comrades opposed to Hanna's leadership tried unsuccessfully to remove her from the party's ticket for the last general election.

And in an apparent act of retaliation, forces close to Hanna last week nominated two independent candidates to run in the Claremont and Moneague divisions where two councillors opposed to Hanna are on the PNP's ticket.

Simpson Miller told the Comrades that Lloyd Garrick and Lambert Weir are the party's candidates in Moneague and Claremont divisions, respectively, but she was heckled.

"I work hard for this movement. Nuh bwoy, nuh gal, caah talk to me," Simpson Miller said 

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