Cell phone thief sentenced to hard labour

November 18, 2016

A man whom the police said pretended to be a Haitian national after he was held with a stolen cellular phone was sentenced to nine months hard labour suspended for two years.

He is Kemar Baker, otherwise called Haitian, a 20-year-old bus conductor of Gregory Park, Portmore, St Catherine. When Baker appeared before parish judge Vaughn Smith in the St Andrew Parish Court on November 16, he pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. The judge told him that if he should commit any crime and be charged within the two-year period, then the nine months would be activated.

The court heard that in late October, the police stopped a public passenger bus being conducted by Baker who was not wearing uniform. He was searched and the cellular phone found in his possession. He reportedly told the police that he was from Haiti and that he bought the phone from a man in Half-Way Tree. Further investigation revealed that the phone was wiped. The police, with the help of a telecommunications provider, restored the data. It was found to contain several numbers of resourceful persons. Baker failed to give a satisfactory account for obtaining the phone, and was subsequently charged.

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