Man in double trouble with the law

November 18, 2016

A St Catherine man who allegedly attempted to use a forged driver's licence to bail another, now has trouble double after he allegedly tried to bribe the arresting officer.

He is Horace Brown, 50-year-old driver of Paul Mountain, Kitson Town. It was revealed that on Tuesday, Brown went to the Spanish Town courts offices to secure bail for a man charged with a sexual offence. He reportedly tendered a drivers licence as identification. During a preliminary check by a member of staff it was found to be strange.

The police were called in and it was revealed that the document was not genuine. Checks made at the Island Revenue Department revealed that body did not issue that license and that it was fictitious.

Brown was subsequently charged by the Spanish Town police with possession of revenue papers and uttering forged document. His problem was compounded when he allegedly offered the policeman $25,000 to drop the matter. A report was made to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency which is probing the matter. The accused is to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court on November 30, when the matter will be mentioned.

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