Man tells judge "no comment" in court

November 21, 2016

A man accused of stabbing another caused the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to erupt in laughter on Friday when he offered a unique response to the judge after he was asked to enter a plea.

When prosecutors read out the allegations behind the charge of unlawful wounding to the accused, Davis Grant, and asked if he was guilty or not guilty, Grant responded with a screwed face saying, "No comment".

Laughter erupted in the courtroom for a moment, and after order returned, the presiding judge said she will enter a not guilty plead until the accused man returns to court with a lawyer.

Allegations are that on September 3, Grant used a knife to stab the complainant in his side and cut him on his arm. The medical in the matter is still outstanding.

The accused was remanded in custody until the matter is to called up again on November 24.

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