Motorists ripped off as gas companies refuse to pass on lower prices

November 21, 2016
Philip Chong, President of the JGRA - Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association

Have you ever gone to a gas station after the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (Petrojam) announced a price reduction, only to find the reduction is far less than you were expecting?

Well, the association which speaks on behalf of gas station operators said they are not to be blamed for the unfair practice of not passing on full reduction in prices.

"We are tired of it now," Philip Chong, president of the Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association (JGRA) told THE STAR.

The association said it is concerned that notwithstanding the steady decline in oil prices as posted by Petrojam over the last few weeks, some marketing companies have not passed on the full decrease to the dealers and by extension to the consumers.

Chong, in an interview with THE STAR said that on November 16 when Petrojam announced a $2.51 reduction in petrol prices, some marketing companies reduced it by only $1.51.

Chong said the marketers are using this practice to increase their margins, which gives the consumers the impression that the mark-up is being done solely by the dealers.

"It puts pressure on us because when the consumer sees that we have not passed on the full price increase, they think it is our doing," Chong said.

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