'THE STAR come een like a variety store' - Reader chooses paper over food

November 24, 2016
The front page of the first Star which was published 65 years ago. "Greetings and warmest wishes from the London Star rising in the West. May its sucess add to the cordial relationship between the Motherland and Jamaica," a message from England read.

Nearly everyday for the past 35 years Lola gets out of bed, walk to her STAR vendor to get a copy of her favourite newspaper.

It is a love affair that words are insufficient to describe.

"THE STAR mek me feel good. Me jus lay down, read me STAR and mi just sleep," the Kingston resident told THE STAR.

Me wake up 3 o' clock inna di morning and finish read me STAR.

Today it is the 65th anniversary of THE STAR, the first copy having been published on November 24, 1951.

Lola said the tabloid has been providing useful information for all Jamaicans.

"People must read THE STAR," Lola said.

"THE STAR come een like a variety store. When yuh go in deh yuh see all kinda supme in deh," she added.

Lola says she is drawn to each days publication because of the headlines as well as some of the stock features such as Tell Me Pastor and, Ragashanti's Mix Up & Blenda, and Talk Di Tings with Miss Kitty.  

She also said that the focus on human interest stories as well as the health and lifestyle features.

"It is giving you things that you don't get anywhere else. I don't read any other paper but THE STAR and The Gleaner.

So serious is Lola about her favorite paper that she is prepared to risk her relationship if her husband fails to bring home a copy.

"If him carry KFC and him nuh carry THE STAR me nuh chat to him fi life. Me nuh waah chat to him, me nuh waah nuh food. Me waaah me STAR.

Lola related an incident that happened a few years ago in which her common-law husband did not bring home a copy of her favorite newspaper.

She said that the 7-year-old relationship later died because the man, a taxi driver, brought home only food.

"Me jump up out a di bed and start dash out di food outa door," she said.

"All me house nearly bun down the night".


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