THE STAR keeps my family informed

November 24, 2016
Marcia Ruth reads a copy of The Star newspaper in Old Harbour, St Catherine.


Every day since Marcia Roofe began selling in Old Harbour square in 1996, a newspaper vendor she can only identify as 'Starrie' dropped off her favourite newspaper - THE STAR - on the corner where she sells.

"I have a particular gentleman that delivers THE STAR to me. Mi cyah tell you what his name is mi just call him Starie and he delivers THE STAR to me every day since I have been working here," Roofe told THE STAR on the eve of the newspaper's 65th anniversary.

Roofe said that she usually pays in advance for the newspaper.

"I come here like 10 in mornings and he leaves my STAR for me because I usually pay for mi STAR before mi get them. Like on a Monday mi pay him for the weeks' worth," Roofe said.

The avid reader said that the TELL ME PASTOR feature is her favourite section of THE STAR as it sometimes causes her guffaw with delight.

Roofe said that her primary reason for buying the newspaper is because it keeps her family informed.


Her community


"I am not the only reason I buy it, my son is a computer man. Him love read so I always buy so that they can read," Roofe said.

"It is very informative. It keeps me alive. This morning we were having a conversation about Halloween and I was telling them that it's here in Jamaica now and it was in THE STAR I saw it."

However, she said that she would like for THE STAR to highlight some of the things that have been affecting her community.

"We have water problem, we have road problems, and we have markets problems. We would want those issues highlight in THE STAR," Roofe said.

THE STAR was first published on November 24, 1951.

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