Why I love THE STAR

November 24, 2016
Adolph Azan: May Pen
Nikki-Ann Small
Shedeen Jones
Shellene Clarke: St Thomas


For the past 65 years, THE STAR has been a mainstay in the lives of Jamaicans. THE STAR has been Jamaica's bestselling daily newspaper because it dares to be different, provides information that readers love, and is the best place for entertainment.

Adolph Azan



I like to read the racehorse programme in THE STAR. I buy THE STAR especially on Thursdays for this feature. Other times, I read the news and sports sections. I have been buying THE STAR for over 60 years.



Nikki-Ann Small


I buy THE STAR because it's informative. It keeps me posted with what is happening in Jamaica. Whatever is on the headline usually catches my eyes and I go straight to that story. Apart from the headlines, I usually go straight to the cartoon section.


Shellene Clarke


I love THE STAR because I'm able to get my regular news updates from it. I also really enjoy reading the Tell Me Pastor segment but my favourite part is the entertainment section. I've learnt a lot about the latest trends and about various artistes, new and established, by reading THE STAR. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you get to know the people dem business (lol). It's just a nice blend, a little of everything.





Shedeen Jones


I love to read THE STAR. I find THE WEEKEND STAR most captivating and entertaining.

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