Cabbie bites woman in face for squeezing penis

November 25, 2016

There was laughter inside the Linstead chapter of the St Catherine Parish Court after a taxi man explained that he bit the complainant in her face because she squeezed his penis in a fit of anger.

He is Kevaun Frankson of Linstead, St Catherine.

When he appeared before Parish Judge Monique Morris, he pleaded guilty with explanation.

"Your Honour, she was my best friend, and we joke around sometimes. Your Honour, that day she seemed angry, and I was joking when she held on to mi private part, and mi bite her to mek she release mi," Frankson said.

physical confrontation

The court accepted the plea, and his bail was extended until January 25 when he is to be sentenced.

Allegation are that, on October 28 on Yorke Street, St Catherine, there was a physical confrontation between the accused and complainant after angry word were exchanged.

During confrontation, it is said that Frankson bit the enraged complainant on her face, causing bruises and swellings.

The matter was reported to the Linstead Police Station. Following an investigation, Frankson was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

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