Killer canines - man bitten to death by mongrel dogs

November 29, 2016

... man bitten to death by mongrel dogs

A man in St James was attacked and killed by a group of mongrel dogs in the community of Anchovy as he tried to pay his rent last Monday.

Rodroy Bell was found in a trench after he reportedly tried to escape the wrath of the dogs which belong to his landlord.

Teddy Bell, the victim's 20 year-old son, said his father changed his routine.

"Him usually call before him go up there but to tell you the truth, that morning him never call. Him left him phone on charge," Bell said.

He said that someone called him from his home about 10:30 a.m. that morning and carried him to the landlord.

Bell was directed to the trench where he saw his father's bloodied body.




"I saw the tear up clothes and I went down there and I looked and I saw that it was my father and mi start bawl right away," Bell said.

Police reports are that Bell's body was found about 8:20 a.m. The Anchovy Police were alerted by residents. The investigations are still ongoing.

The landlord, Lucille Nelson, said that she was not home when the incident occurred.

"Nobody was here. I had surgery on my eye and I was told to come back last Monday," Nelson said.

She said that she and the elder Bell had an arrangement to deal with her bad dogs.

"We had an arrangement for him to call me whenever he is coming. Him normally call and say I am coming up soon," Nelson said.Nelson said she believes that it was her three mongrel dogs who attacked Bell, but his son is sceptical

"When we went back there the only thing we see were two mongrel dogs and they were trying to convince me that it was dem who did it. I don't believe their story. My theory is that they are hiding the real dogs," Bell said.

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