Abused women encouraged to use makeup to hide bruises

December 01, 2016

A victim of domestic violence said she understands why other physically abused women mask their bruises using make-up.

Recently, a Moroccan TV station broadcast a tutorial showing women how to use make-up to mask the scars of domestic violence.

The station has received tremendous backlash from western media, some stating the move condones domestic violence.

Beverley*, told THE STAR that women suffering from domestic violence must continue to hold their space in society and make-up provides an avenue to do so.

"You have women who are abused, who have certain positions and they have to hold those positions in order to get through and be successful in what they are doing. So if you can find a way to mask it, then you do what you have to do until you are ready to deal with the underlining problem," she reasoned.

Silence protects

But women's advocate Nadine Spence thinks covering up the bruises may perpetuate the problem.

"I think we should live in a society where women who are abused feel like they can actually talk about what happened to them. Silence protects the perpetrator and puts a lot a pressure on the victim, so you don't want to perpetuate that," Spence said.

"If someone robbed you on the streets or if someone does you harm, you don't hide it, you talk about it," she added.

According to the World Health Organisation, about one in three women worldwide have experienced abuse from their partners.

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